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Ok, I got it
REMADE EDDY GRIMSTEAD HURRICANE 100 mph speedoface plate set, very very   rare & a must if you are building a Grimstead replica or are lucky enough to own a genuine Hurricane, price 70 GBP.
Ulma style fromt rack , fits GS 160 & other Vespas too ? very unusual fits close to the legsheild, one slight graise in the chrome price reduced to   70GB pounds.
Vigano number plate embelisher to fit early VESPA Farro Basso ,item is NOS but will need rechrome price reduced to 80 GBP.
Vigano inline spare wheel holder , for 8 Inch wheels NOS item direct from the 60s, price 50GB pounds.
Ulma crash bar & foot rest (passenger can sit side saddle) this item is NOS ,chrome is mint but the rubber is showing signs of perishing , after all it is over 40 years old. Will fit GS150 & other similar wide bodied Vespa , Price reduced to   120 GB pounds.
Vigano crashbars to fit GS150 & other similar widebody Vespa , clamps on to the engine mounting bolt. Condition is good with no dents but will need a rechrome b badges are good Rare item price 120 GB pounds.
Vigano horn embelisher to fit Rally ,GS 160 & other Vintage Vespas. Item is NOS from the 60s & comes with mounting bracket & beading, Price reduced to 30 GB pounds (bargain).
Fabri footplate to fit most Vintage Vespa, item is very good condition just needs a polish.
Price reduced to 30 GB Pounds.
Genuine ULMA horncast to fit GS 160 & similar Vespas, Item is in good condition with only a small dent 5mm accross in the front section. Gems are all intact with Ulma markings, could fit as is or if fussy you would need to rechrome (pressed brass so would chrome a treat).
Price 150 GB pounds.
Genuine ULMA horncast accessory to fit GS150 & similar Vespas, excellent condition with no dents. Item is stamped with the Ulma crest , will need rechrome.
Very rare item price 150 GB pounds
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